Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
18 January 2020

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31 Oct 2019

The female campus of College of Medicine held a series of educational lectures for talented high school students in grade 3 about studying medicine. It is part of the program “...

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31 Oct 2019

Under the patronage of MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren, the World Ranking Committee at MU held the first workshop in the presence of vice-rectors, deans and managers of...

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31 Oct 2019

Within the framework of implementing its operational plan and community partnership with public sectors, the Deanship of Community Service and Continuous Education held community...

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31 Oct 2019

In line with the partnership with Women Society for Community Development in Riyadh and within the framework of preparation for the 3rd Youth Forum, the Social Responsibility...

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26 Oct 2019

MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren, welcomed in his office the Dean of Information Technology, Dr. Mohammed Al-Wenein, the Manager of Information Security, Mohammed Al-Olayan and Mr...

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24 Oct 2019

As part of the project designed to prepare the 3rd strategic plan of the university 2020-2025, the Committee of 3rd Strategic Plan conducted a workshop to discuss the objectives...

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24 Oct 2019

Under the patronage of the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Mohammed Al-Shaya’a, the Vice-Rector’s Office for Graduate Studies and Scientific...

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23 Oct 2019

The 23rd Summit of Directors and Rectors of Universities and Higher Educational Institutions of GCC Countries, which was hosted by MU in the presence of rectors from GCC countries...

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22 Oct 2019

On Tuesday October 15th, 2019, the preparatory meeting of the 23rd summit of directors and rectors of universities and higher educational institutions in GCC countries was held...

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16 Oct 2019

A research team from Majmaah University, in cooperation with some public sectors, filed a patent at King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology for a safety pillow designed to...

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