Rabi Al-Thani 1442
30 November 2020

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10 May 2020

In line with the role played by MU to teach students Quran, the university launched an e-Maqraa to create a remote environment conducive to reciting and memorizing Qura’an. The e-...

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10 May 2020

The university’s council approved to launch a physiotherapist program at the College of Applied Medical Science. Admission to the program for both boys and girls will begin by the...

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09 May 2020

Under the patronage of MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren and the follow-up of the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Mohammed Al-Shayaa, the Saudi...

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09 May 2020

In line with the precautionary measures taken by the university against coronavirus, MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren chaired the sixth session of the university council for the...

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06 May 2020

The university’s Traffic Safety Center ‘Salik’ launched an interactive competition on social medial platforms according to the competition terms and conditions. The Vice-Rector...

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06 May 2020

Majmaah University announced that the registration for summer term will start on Tuesday 3/10/1441 AH and ends on Saturday 7/10/1441 AH. Beginning of the term will be on Sunday 8/...

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02 May 2020

Within the framework of the concerted efforts exerted by the university with the public sectors to fight the corona virus, the fourth week of the initiative ‘donate with no...

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25 Apr 2020

The final day of the symposium entitled “How to cope with a crisis: Corona as a case study” – organized by the College of Education in Majmaah, represented by the Vice-Dean’s...

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25 Apr 2020

In line with the role played by the university to serve the community members during the current corona virus pandemic, the Deanship of Community Service and Continues Education (...

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24 Apr 2020

Given the fact that the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development is invariably concerned to develop staff’s skills through training courses, the Deanship announced the beginning...

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