Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
24 October 2020

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07 Jul 2020

A royal decree was issued to appoint the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at MU, Prof. Mohammed al-Shayaa as a president of Al Jouf University. Prof. al-...

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06 Jul 2020

The Deanship of Admission and Registration has announced the opening of registration for the academic year 1442/1443 for all majors from during the period from 23-29/11/1441 via...

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05 Jul 2020

MU Rector welcomed in his office members of the final account committee, led by the manager of administrative and financial affairs, Mr. Ahmed al-Mousa. The members include the...

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05 Jul 2020

Given the current pandemic, the Vice-Rector’s Office for Student Affairs launched an initiative entitled ‘Get creative at home’. The initiative aimed to motivate faculty members,...

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28 Jun 2020

At the request of MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren, to serve the community and to provide self-development programs to students, the Deanship of Student Affairs launched an...

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25 Jun 2020

The Astronomical Observatory (AO) in Hawtet Sedeir- representing Majmaah University-is preparing for observe the crescent of Zul Qa’adah crescent according to Uml Al-Quran...

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24 Jun 2020

At the request of MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren, and the follow-up of the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih, the Department of Scholarship for non-Saudis...

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24 Jun 2020

The Vice-Rector, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, paid an inspection visit to the university hotel project where he was received by the supervisor of the project, Dr. Abdelmohsen Al-...

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23 Jun 2020

Under the patronage of the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Mohammed Al-Shayaa, the Deanship of Library Affairs organized a remotely cultural forum...

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20 Jun 2020

Within the framework of precautionary measures implemented by MU to fight against Corona Virus, the General Administration of Services in cooperation with the General...

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