Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
17 January 2020

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14 Jan 2020

The Governor of Majmah, Prince Abdulrahman bin Abdullah bin Faisal, visited Majmah University International Center for Rehabilitation Techniques and Prosthetics at the University...

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14 Jan 2020

The University launched its third Strategic Plan 2020-2025 during the ceremony held in the presence of His Highness Governor of Majmah Prince Abdulrahman bin Abdullah bin Faisal,...

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14 Jan 2020

MU Rector Dr. Khalid Al-Muqrin made phone calls to a number of students studying abroad on scholarships from Majmah University. The phone calls were made to check on the students...

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02 Jan 2020

Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, Vice-Rector, paid an inspection visit to the Gulf Colleges in Hafer Al-Batin to inspect the quality of diploma programs held in collaboration with...

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30 Dec 2019

In cooperation with the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, the university Astronomical Observatory in Hawtat Sudair is preparing to observe the solar eclipse...

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30 Dec 2019

A cooperation agreement was signed with the University of California San Diego in USA to establish a framework for the two universities to work together towards the improvement of...

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25 Dec 2019

In line with the efforts exerted to provide students with transportation services from their houses to colleges and field training and activities, the university announced that it...

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25 Dec 2019

As we are approaching the end of first semester, the Deanship of Library Affairs launched an initiative “Share your book” for saving textbooks from damage. The initiative aims...

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19 Dec 2019

As part of the efforts made by the university to serve the community, a group of students and faculty members from the College of Medicine at MU conducted in cooperation with the...

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18 Dec 2019

The Saudi Real Estate Institute (SRI) conducted five training courses in real estate for students in the training hall of Student Affairs Deanship. The courses featured detailed...

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