Rabi Al-Thani 1442
01 December 2020

Tasks & Authorities

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Telephone : 0164041022
Ext. : 1022
Fax : 0164226196
Email : [email protected]
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General Jurisdiction:

Assist the University Rector to manage the Administrative and Financial Affairs of the university, and follow-up the work of the associated departments to ensure the advancement of its work, and to provide their needs, and follow-up its best performance.

Organizational Link:

Linked to the Rector of the university.


  • Assists the Rector in the implementation of the strategic plans of the university and follow-up the facilities and services of construction and technical and community projects, and related educational program.
  • Follow-up the implementation of the University Strategic Plan and the associated operational plans at all units.
  • Follow-up the preparation of the University annual report.
  • Supervise the technical work and e-transactions at the university, and the associated educational programs.
  • Supervise community service programs, and the associated educational programs.
  • Activate and follow the university's plans in the areas of local development.
  • Supervise the university facilities, buildings, and construction projects.
  • Activate and follow-up safety plans and programs at the university buildings and facilities, and campus security.
  • Supervise services provided for the university employees of faculty members and staff members and students.
  • Follow-up the development of the university infrastructure in the areas of facilities, technology services and safety.
  • Supervise the operations of the projects examination, securing needs, and the development of mechanisms.
  • Supervise the preparation of five-year, and the annual plan of the University.
  • Supervise the preparation of reports, and periodic data of the university.
  • Supervise the preparation of training plans in the administrative, technical and educational area.
  • Supervise the organization of the documentation organizing and archives at the University.