Rabi Al-Thani 1442
26 November 2020

SNS Agreement Approval

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Majmaah University Support Agreement

For Special Needs Students

Prepared By

The University Environment and Occupational Health Management


Majmaah University seeks to provide equal opportunities for F/M SNS like their able-bodied colleagues to join all its educational and social programs, and that is out of its belief in the duty to serve all members of the community in all categories. The availability of all quality means to support SNS is a fundamental pillar in the planning and decision-making processes at the university. The university does not ignore when performing a review of the educational plans that they should be appropriate for SNS while maintaining the quality of academic programs and scientific content.

Because of the importance that the academic environment should be suitable to serve the individual and collective SNS needs and be suited to them since their first moments at the university, the university seeks to harness all its efforts and employees’ potentials to make sure it achieved.

Majmaah University Policy to Support SNS

Majmaah University seeks to create a suitable and attractive campus environment for students, especially SNS through:

Cooperation with faculty members and staff to create a university environment in its various components so that they can fully perform their role.

Student Assessment based on their abilities.

Promote and encourage the level of personal responsibility for SNS.

Provide a suitable environment for SNS in all colleges to give them the opportunity to join the educational and social programs the university.

Provide an appropriate level of disability awareness to promote a comprehensive college community.

Train the staff in the university, especially those who have a direct interaction with SNS.

Care in providing appropriate educational supplies for SNS by the type of disability to help them continue their academic education.

Train SNS on the appropriate educational supplies for educational achievement.

Encourage and motivate colleges and Deanships, and departments to support SNS through the provision of appropriate special services.

Ensure confidentiality of disability information, and not to be exposed except in accordance with the requirements of regulations and instructions approved by the competent authorities.

Ensure that the Occupational Safety and Health procedures include the reality of SNS requirements.

Approved By

Rector of Majmaah University
Dr. Khaled bin Saad Al-Mugren

Majmaah University commitment to support SNS

The Staff of the university in its all categories of faculty members and administratives are committed to bear the responsibility for ensuring equality between SNS and their colleagues in all common areas, and perform their duties without discrimination, and strive to adopt a management system that understands behaviors arising from disability that affect others in the classroom or work, and create an environment, which helps SNS to approach their other colleagues and discuss the issues that affect their  study.

Faculty members are committed to apply a flexible approach to response to the needs of this group while maintaining the academic standards for that control the educational materials entrusted to them, after coordination with the competent authorities, and the commitment to evaluate them based on their educational level and not on the degree of disability.

The University Vice- Rector for Educational Affairs The University Vice- Rector for Higher Studies & Scientific Research The University Vice- Rector