Rabi Al-Thani 1442
28 November 2020

The Rectorship in Lines

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The administrative structure of the University included the Rectorship since its establishment, Majmaah University pursuit to activate the role of this Rectorship from the first day of commissioning of HE Dr. Ibrahim bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Hugail, to start performing its role in the university. On Thursday, 12/26/1434, the university received a speech of the Minister of Higher Education (No. 132 418) which included the approval to assign Dr. Muslim bin Mohammed Al-Dosari as the university Vice-Rector  according to the Rector’s request, to do all the tasks and functions set forth in the tasks and authorities, it was issued as the administrative decision by the Rector (No. 10 on 1 guide / 7/1431), to begin a new journey of hard work and development, and vigorous follow-up for all administrative, technical and developmental aspects of the university, where the Rectorship has three Deanships and a number of Departments.