Rabi Al-Thani 1442
25 November 2020

Labs Indoors Air Purity Control Project

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Labs Indoors Air Purity Control Project

In order to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan to raise the occupational safety and health standards in the university environment, which is represented in the scientific laboratories as the most important pillar to it due to the content from a variety of risk sources on an ongoing basis and the different nature, the Rectorship represented in the university environment and occupational health management, organized a field spotting visit to the laboratories at Zulfi college of Science with the participation of the Japanese company experts "Fujitsu", in order to update the requirements of the study of Labs Indoors Air Purity Control Project. The visit was considered a step in building process for the implementation of Labs Indoors Air Purity Control Project requirements, and it was preceded by several live and electronic meetings between the Vice-Rector and the company which offered the services to provide the environmental control technologies at the university facilities, especially in the labs, as it allows to monitor the university laboratories environment and control it remotely through a single room at the university level. Also, it provided  a technical study on indoor air quality control at laboratories of the university .