Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
20 October 2020

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- Support the exterior and interior scholarship programs to meet the needs of the scientific departments at the university.

 -Attract the distinctive competencies of the scholarship graduates and the higher degree holders to work at the university.

 -Open graduate studies programs that meet the needs of the local community and the development of the scientific research .

 -Support the scientific research to study the issues of the community and achieve the scientific renaissance .

 -Provide the sources of up-to-date  knowledge and information to students and faculty members at the university.

 - Encourage translation and scientific publishing at the university , and encourage researchers to the international scientific publishing .

 -Create research chairs to study the current scientific and social issues.

-Adopt inventors and innovators and provide the supportive environment for their inventions .

 -Open channels for international cooperation with local and international universities .

 -Activate the rules and regulations of promoting faculty members and their assistants .

 -Organize and follow-up the academic and vocational training for the employees of the university .

 -Organize the participation of faculty members in conferences and the local and international exhibitions .