First: The rights and advantages of the research chair financer

1. Generalizing the name of the financer during the period of financing

2. Holding a press conference to announce the establishment of the chair and covering the event through the media

3. Commending the chair financer in the printed materials or reports to do with research chairs in the university

4. The financer has the right to make some suggestions with relation to the issues within his interests provided that they do not conflict with the specified objectives of the chairs in the regulations.

5. The financer will be given the special university souvenir for research chairs supporters

6. Putting the name of the financer in the honorary board of scientific research chairs financers in the university, laboratories and buildings of the chair as well as the scientific production of the chair.

7. Inviting the financer to all the activities related to the chair such as conferences, lectures and seminars

8. The research chair financer has the right to nominate a member of the committee of the chair administration issues provided that all the conditions of nomination are met in him. The nomination is announced within fifteen days from signing the chair financing contract