Organizational Structure

The Technical Units that make up the Vice Rectorate for Educational Affairs:The following technical units belong to the vice rectorate for educational affairs:1. Unit of Student Support and AlumniThe mission of the unit of student support and Alumni is to plan, coordinate and monitor the services provided to the student at all levels of studies and to take care of the needs of the alumni and their aspirations.VisionA distinguished student academically and professionally and an effective partnership with the alumniMissionWorking with the competent authorities to improve the skills of the student and meet his academic and professional needs, as well establishing continuous contact with the alumni.General Goal of the unitImproving the skills of the students and catering for their educational, professional and psychological needs.Sub-goals of the Unit1. Assessing the services offered to the student by the university.2. Identifying the future needs of students in the light of the university’s vision and goals.3. Identifying and helping students with special needs.4. Promoting the culture of academic advisory within the colleges.5. Promoting dialogue and the culture of consultancy boards and enforcing their role.6. Serving as a link between the university, the alumni and the local community in the interest of all.7. Measuring the preference of businessmen for our students.8. Establishing constant contact with the alumni who have been recruited to measure their professional performance.The units related to the Unit of Student Support and Alumni1. The supporting Deanships• The Deanship of Registrar and Admission througha. Introducing students to the rules and regulations.b. Introducing them to their rights and duties.c. Introducing faculty members to the study system and exams.d. Introducing faculty members to the rules and regulations of dealing with students.e. Improving the competence and performance of the members of the academic advisory in the colleges.f. Activating the role of academic advisory.• The Deanship of Student Affairs througha. Designing the activities and services according to the needs of students.b. Taking care of all the students with special needs and meeting their needs.c. Initiating students into college life and preparing them for their future professional lives.d. Activating their roles.• The Colleges:a. Supporting colleges in establishing and running the student support units and activating its role, reinforcing academic advisory and students’ activities units.b. Coordinating with the deanship of student’s affairs and the deanship of registrar to facilitate its work.2. The Unit of Academic Programs and their ImprovementOverview:The unit serves as the foundation for the systematic planning and assessment of the individual academic programs and administrative units.  Academic programs and administrative units integrate program/unit goals with the institutional mission and use data or outcomes driven evaluation processes to demonstrate that the rectorate undergoes continual improvement in institutional quality and effectively accomplishes its mission.VisionTo offer modern comprehensive university academic programs, study plans, and curricula whose inputs and outputs meet modern scientific advances, academic accreditation benchmarks and competitive job market demands.MissionTo support the academic departments to develop updated academic programs and study plans that utilize the latest techniques, academic accreditation benchmarks, and the National Development Plan through outstanding performance and positive cooperation between the Unit and other academic departments.Objectives: 1. Build the unit from within.2. The development of study plans for academic programs offered by the University.3. Assess plans for academic programs offered by the University.4. Provide academic departments with further procedures and regulations regarding the study plans.5. Check the translation of study plans in the University's academic departments.6. Follow-up computing study plans.7. Prepare manuals, guides, forms, and tables needed to build study plans.8. Develop awareness for the preparation and development of study plans.9. Provide the Standing Committee with new developments in the area of curricula and study plans.General Guidelines Towards Achieving these goals:Determine the mechanism of communication with the colleges and academic departments.1. A guide to building study plans.2.  Preparation of a manual of criteria for approving study plans.3. Translation of evidence and documentation.4. Configuring databases for college academic departments.5.  Workshops for the development of awareness of the preparation and development of study plans.6.  Provide academic departments in colleges of further plans regarding the study plans.3. Measurement and Assessment UnitThis unit provides the faculty members and administrators with the information and data required for professional development, preparing and analyzing statistics for all the units related to students and faculty.VisionThe unit of measurement and Assessment will be a leader in the field of measurement and examining at the university.MissionDevelopment of measurement and evaluation tools within the college according to the standards of quality and academic accreditation. Objectives1. To achieve the highest standard in measurement and Assessment techniques.2.To establish a database for measurement and evaluation.3.To participate in the development of academic programs to conform with the latest developments in teaching and learning methods.4. Promoting a culture of measurement and assessment by holding training programs, workshops, lectures and seminars. 5. Providing support for various college units with respect to the tasks of the unit. 6. Providing assistance for college's programs (departments) and administrative units in carrying out measurement and assessment processes. 7. Working on diversifying the methods of measurement and the adoption of modern methods in measuring and evaluating performance. 8. Following up the assessment and evaluation processes in the different units of college. 9. Contributing to the modernization and development of methods and tools of measurement on a scientific basis. 10. Designing questionnaires and data collection tools for measurement and evaluation purposes.        The Administration of the Rectorate The Administration of the Vice Rectorate for Educational Affairs1. The Office of the Vice-Rector for Educational AffairsOrganizational Affiliation: The Vice Rector for Educational affairsResponsibilities: Running the office of the Vice Rector for Educational affairs and executing all tasks assigned to it.2. The Supervisor of The Office of the Vice-Rector for Educational AffairsOrganizational Affiliation: The Vice Rector for Educational affairs       Responsibilities: Running the office of the Vice Rector for Educational affairs and executing all tasks assigned to it.3. The Administration of the RectorateOrganizational Affiliation: The Vice Rector for Educational affairs       Responsibilities: Managing the administrative and financial affairs of the rectorate.The Divisions of the Administration of the RectorateThe Division of Administrative AffairsOverview:The Division of Administrative Affairs' mission is to provide leadership in the management of University resources and to deliver quality financial, human and facility support services in an efficient and effective customer-focused manner in support of the institution's teaching, research, and public service missions.Key Responsibilities 1. To apply the university rules and regulations as regards administrative and financial affairs.2. To report on the Deanship staff as regards recruitment, after leave rejoining and job quitting.3. To oversee daily attendance records of the Deanship staff.4. To organize the regular leaves of the Deanship staff.5. To follow up administrative procedures relating to the Deanship staff’s leaves.6. To follow up requests for provision of inventory as needed for the Deanship.7. To organize the works of the Deanship administrative communicationsThe Division of Public RelationsThe Public Relations Division performs, among other things, the following duties:1. Initiating and implementing public relations strategies for the University to enable it maintain cordial relations with its teeming publics.2. Writing, editing and publishing information products of enlightenment and reference that provide relevant information to all stakeholders e.g. Official Bulletin, Newsletters, Special Releases,  3. Monitoring public opinion to identify trends and measure public acceptability of the institution’s activities as well as identifying public concerns and expectations.4. Keeping accurate and up-to-date data bank on all milestone events, newspaper cuttings on higher education related news, newspaper reviews, broadcast materials, press releases, speeches and other communication materials.5. Writing copies of corporate advertisements based on requests from relevant Faculties/Departments/Units and event specific issues including congratulatory messages, obituaries etc.6. Coordinating all arrangements for corporate and official functions such as Graduation/Matriculation ceremonies etc, inaugural lectures, University lectures, distinguished Guest Lectures, exchange Lecture series, staff parties, tours and receptions for dignitaries as well as welcome/send-off parties.  The Secretariat DivisionThe division is responsible for: 1. Facilitating and managing the work of the office of the vice-rector2. Facilitating the activities of the network and ensure that they are kept in tune with the university objectives.3.  Facilitating service provision and delivery capacity-improvement for members of the rectorate.4. Facilitating the enhancement of good public image for the rectorate.