Rabi Al-Awaal 1441
12 November 2019

Majmaah University Focus Groups

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The “Majmaah University Focus Groups” report is one of the specialized reports prepared with the purpose of collecting the required internal data and information about Majmaah University.
Basically, it aims to precisely identify and explore the basic factors that should be taken into consideration by the university at the beginning of its current ongoing efforts for preparing its strategic plan for the future.
Notably, the plan is hopefully expected to define steps necessary for the continued consolidation of existing unrelated branch campuses affiliated to Majmaah University into a single competitive institution of higher learning.
In this context, Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC)  consultants Ronald Aqua and Joseph Stafford met with administrative leaders, faculty, and students of Majmaah University during the period between 7-10 November, 2010, in three focus group sessions, one each for the representative groups.
This report summarizes the responses of each group participating in those sessions and identifies the core issues that should be addressed in subsequent stages of the planning process in order to formulate an effective plan including all relevant pivotal core issues for Majmaah University able to actually contributing to empowering it to enjoy a competitive advantage.