Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

Research and Studies

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Research and Studies

 Research and Studies is one of the most important pillars upon which the officials and leaders rely on in making their decisions., Developing the work and improving the operations are based on information that the decision maker derive from studies, research and reports that examine the reality and diagnose it, setting the appropriate solutions for its development and to tackle its problems. The work does not succeed without right decisions where right cannot be achieved unless the accurate accounts based on scientific methodology.                             


Research and Studies Meaning

Research and studies are intellectually organized processes which work on a fact-finding basis about a particular subject, and apply the methods and rules of scientific precision, in order to access to an accurate information that diagnoses the reality, and to set a mechanism to overcome the difficulties it faces, and to offer solutions or suitable alternatives to the problems that stand in the way of development.                                                                                                                       

Goals of Scientific Research

  Scientific studies and research  aim  to find scientific practical solutions to tackle  issues  about individuals or institutions in general, and in detail  we  could say that  scientific studies and research aim to:

• describe a certain reality and diagnose it.

explain a particular phenomenon in terms of how it occurs and its causes.

assess the situation and determine the extent of achieving objectives.

refute or prove a particular fact.


How the Service be provided?

The service is provided after several meetings between the scientific research team at the Institute and the officials of the recipient, to determine the volume of work and its limit, to  choose the appropriate mechanism and the appropriate form, to fix  the expected duration of implementation, and to the expected cost.                                                                       




Research Team:


The institute operates research teams system in order to improve the research work.

The scientific research team usually consists of:

• one member or more of the beneficiaries as advisers.
specialists in the thematic field of research of higher scientific degrees.
professional experts in the thematic field of research.
 statistical analyst.



Delivery of the Product:

 Research and scientific studies are handed according to the agreed plan with the beneficiary, after passing through reviews and audits to make sure of reaching the results that tackle  the research problem, taking into account the reality and the available possibilities to the beneficiary, and  then it undergones a scientific exact  judgment by  experts and  neutral sides that are determined by an agreement between the institute and the beneficiary.