The Administration Tasks and Responsibilities

1. To evaluate the internal audit system including the accounting system to ensure its functionality and to identify the shortcomings if any, as well as proposing means and measures to solve them in a way that safeguard the university funds from stealing.
2. To ensure that the university is committed to the financial regulations.
3. To evaluate the extent to which the organization plan is sufficient for identifying the positions and to avoid clashes as well as organizational aspects.
4. To evaluate the extent to which the university has achieved its stated objectives and to analyze the differences if found.
5. To identify the misused places of financial and human resources by the university as well as helping the university to avoid such misusing in the future.
6. To examine the documents related to expenses and revenues once they are completed to ensure that they are correct and legal.
7. To examine the accounting records to ensure the regularity and validity of the records as well as the integrity of the accounting guidance.
8. To review the contracts and agreements to which the University is a party to ensure the extent to which the university is committed to them.
9. To audit the funds and examine the records and documents, and verify that the inventory was done in accordance with stated rules and procedures.
10. To review the work of the warehouses , and examine its records and documents , and verify that the inventory, evaluation and storage methods have been done according to the established rules and procedures.
11. T o review the financial reports and final accounts prepared by the university and ensure its accuracy and the extent of their compliance with the rules and regulations, directives and policies adopted by the university. 12. To provide consultation when discussing the budget of the university.
13. The administration has to undertake the tasks assigned by the Rector in their related fields.