Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
24 October 2020

Foundations of the channel

Last Modified Sat, 2017/07/01 - 09:51

The channel relies heavily on the university students being the main facilitators of this channel, and who will make its program plans including all required steps for broadcasting. The role of channel management is guiding and directing, identifying shortcomings and providing means of developing the student’s skills via offering training courses or through going into partnership with media organizations.

Faculty members play a significant role in the university community as well as the development of the university particularly in the field of research, therefore; they are deemed as essential partners with the channel team in examining the academic researches.

The Channel intends to exploit the rapid developments in the field of Media and Education in a way to help the University environment and its staffs to be updated with all educational and social activities and news inside and outside the University.