Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

Functions & Specialties

Last Modified Wed, 2019/12/18 - 09:14

- Review on constant basis the university’s vision, message and values.

- Follow-up the achievement of the university strategic plans that lead to the fulfillment the university’s vision.

- Follow-up the indicators and plans of the university’s strategic plans and Afaq Plan

- Enhance the strategic intellect and future outlook at the university

- Set out the action plan of the university’s strategic plan

- Set out the time frame to implement the strategic plan

- Select the required projects and programs to implement the strategic plan in coordination with related sectors.

- Approve the appropriate performance indicators for the university’s strategic plans

- Follow-up the implementation of strategic plans with the people in charge to ensure their efficiency.

- Set a mechanism to measure the performance indicators and ensure the achievement of the plan objectives

- Develop the ability of the university staff in the field of strategic plan via conducting workshops and training courses

- Promote the concept of planning and strategic work inside the university

- Provide assistance to the colleges and deanships in setting their strategic and executive plans

- Set a guide manual on strategic planning