Thul-Hijjah 1440
24 August 2019

The Academic Advising Unit

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The academic advising is a working unit in the PYP. It is primarily created to improve the academic counseling services depending on the students’ needs, and that is to make these services available to them to get the benefit from these services in developing their personalities and skills in different fields. In addition to that, the academic counseling unit always aims to offer these services in a high level according to the international standards when offering the academic services in the higher education institutions.

This unit aims to offer many counseling services that is to achieve the student’s academic needs and to offer the academic services which aim to help the students improve different aspects of their personalities. Also improves their skills in dealing with the different difficulties that they face while studying in the university and that may adversely affect their academic performance in the university.

        So this unit does considers the goals of the university to help the students understand their academic problems and pay attention to solve these problems in a way that leads to a knowledgeable generation for our kingdom’s represented by sons and daughters who will graduate equipped with science, faith, knowledge self- confidence and have the ability to participate in promoting development to our beloved country. They can achieve that by creating the right conditions to achieve the proper growth for the new students, having positive and social relationships between the students themselves ,faculty members,  the employees of the university, and build successful responses in facing the academic problems which face the students during the whole period of studying at the university.

Another important thing which the unit does is preparing the students to have a good knowledge about the university life through counseling and orientation programs to familiarize them with the university and its departments. The unit helps students to know more about its services and how to coordinate with the administration of the unit in the deanship who will cooperate and coordinate with the specialized administration of the deanship. It also familiarize the students with the changes that they might face in their new university life and how will they deal with these changes according to the units’ programs such as orientation programs  in the first week of the university  and counseling sessions held for this purpose. The unit also helps to be aware of the academic difficulties, their study skills, how to prepare study plans, schedule and organize their time. It also equips them with skills which can achieve more academic achievement and self- confidence. Moreover, the unit follows up the students’ attendance and scientific achievements. It also encourages and promotes excellent students for more achievements and directs them towards investing their abilities in the aspects that are commensurate with their orientation and scientific interests. Follow up the unsurpassed students and help them to achieve the skills which can raise their academic achievement, and also help the students with special needs during their university life to achieve the highest degree of psychological, social adjustment and academic achievement according to their abilities and study their problems and work hard to solve these problems.