Health and Basic Sciences Research Center

The Health Research Center at MU is a multidisciplinary research center as it includes many research laboratories such as the laboratory of molecular biology, medical microbiology, biochemistry, immunology and tissue culture. It also has many modern and advanced equipment and serves faculty members, researchers, graduate students and undergraduate students from college of medicine, applied medical sciences and dentistry to conduct biomedical research to enhance public health care. 

The center plays a pivotal role in following up the implementation of research projects funded by the university, holding seminars and workshops, and establishing cooperation relations between health sectors and local and international research centers by encouraging joint projects. These projects aim to contribute to increasing the university’s international ranking and competitiveness among other universities.

Finally, we are pleased to communicate with all researchers and receive their constructive feedback to contribute to the process of developing scientific research and innovation.

Director of the Center for Health and Scientific Research

Dr.Mohammed Al-Aydarous

[email protected]