Vice-Dean’s Office for Technical Affairs

Scientific Research is the primary step towards development in any society. Likewise, research is also closely related to the expectations and aspirations of any university or educational institution to excel and to invest in knowledge.
Scientific research is the basis of innovation and with which we are able to achieve our vision of having a vibrant community, booming economy and ambitious nation.
In the light of the vision 2030, the Vice-Dean’s Office for Scientific Research plays a vital role in increasing research productivity and supervising the internal and external sources of funding.
To follow-up the technical affairs of research and increase research productivity internally and externally.
1. Conduct courses that improve faculty members’ skills in research
2. Supervise the deanship’s website
3. Supervise ‘Future Research’ Program
4. Communicate with external bodies to seek funding for scientific research at MU

Vice-Dean for Technical Affairs
Dr. Saeed S. Banwas