Dean’s Message



The Deanship of Information Technology is deemed one of the most crucial communication channels between the university and community. By creativity led by a pioneering ambition, the deanship exceeded the traditional boundaries of achievements which resulted in achieving the highest levels of data security  And by pioneering aspirations and limitless support from the Rector, we hope to attain advanced positions in the world ranking by providing the best and the highest levels of technology service; as far as there are distinguished national cadres who are working hard to develop such field. The University Electronic Portal which is run by the management of the Information Technology Deanship strives to act as a link between the university and the public. The deanship of IT seeks to be a model in the way of providing and developing electronic services. On the basis of this leading role, the Deanship strives to providing services and adequate information through the portal to all university affiliates and visitors. The Deanship also seeks to follow up and keep pace with modern technological developments that will contribute in improving the work mechanism, completing all tasks and simplifying the procedures as well as the transition towards an electronic environment. This is driven by the guidance of the wise leadership of this country to achieve the  concept of e-government. In light of the enormous and rapid development in the technology field for all sectors of society and the higher education sector in particular, the Deanship of Information Technology is seeking to adopt the latest technologies and to execute eminent projects for investment in the field of education. The Deanship will spare no effort in establishing houses of experience in information technology in collaboration with research & consultation centers to contribute with substance and value in the promotion and development of the university technological environment via managerial, technical, academic and educational systems. The Deanship is regarded as a leading university among all the other newly established universities in enhancing the networking and video conference between all the university departments to provide optimal services. The goal of investing all useful modern technologies was put among all priorities of the deanship to advance the level of technology for this newly established university, hoping success from Almighty God.

The Dean of Deanship of Information Technology

Dr. mohamed-ibrahim-alwanin