General Administration of Performance and Attendance Monitoring

General Administration of Performance and Attendance Monitoring

Office of the Director

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Performance Department:

Reviewing agreements

Performance analysis

Attendance Monitoring Department:

Salary deduction control section

Inspection tours section

Internal Communication Department:

Work environment

Complaints and grievances

Workplace safety

Second: Services.

The department operates by implementing the university's strategic plan related to employee evaluation and developing solutions that assist in providing services by creating a conducive work environment, enhancing job loyalty, examining the safety of employees and customers.

Launching job performance cycle, examining the performance charter, reviewing the mid-year performance charter, and evaluating performance at the end of each year, setting SMART goals that serve both supervisory and non-supervisory positions.

Performance evaluations are analyzed to identify strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for courses that address weaknesses and reinforce strengths.

Monitoring employee attendance and absence, conducting inspection tours, ensuring compliance with procedures for absentees, processing attendance and absence data, recording employees' fingerprints, adding leave requests, setting morning and evening work shifts, activating flexible work hours, all done through an electronic attendance system.

The department strives to enhance job loyalty, beneficiary satisfaction, business transparency, and receive complaints through My Services portal, under the grievances icon. Complaints are processed by directing them to the relevant committees and monitoring their progress until they are resolved, with the beneficiary being informed.

The department also emphasizes social participation with employees in voluntary activities, welcomes employees and faculty members, familiarizes them with university facilities and services provided to them, and holds regular meetings between departments and employees to promote transparency and change traditional concepts, all in line with the university's goals.

The department also addresses employee feedback related to the work environment and resolves it with the relevant authorities.