Frequently Asked Questions Related to Admission


Q1: When does application start?

A1: You may know the period of application by checking the application calendar.


Q2: What does this phrase that the admission is yearly mean?

A2: It means that application for admission is just one time at the beginning of the year and there will not be another period for application in the second semester.


Q3: Is there priority of admission based on the date of application?

A3: There is no priority of application depending on the date of application, thus; applying on the first day or the last day makes no difference as long as it is during the defined period.


Q4: Is priority of admission is given to the high school graduates for this year?

A4: Priority of admission is based upon compounded percentage and the high schools should not be more than five years old.


Q5: If I was registered in the website last year; yet I was not accepted, do I press previous application or new application?

A5: you should enter new application.


Q6: Can I apply to other universities while I am a registered student in one of the universities?

A6: A regular student in one of the universities is not allowed to apply to the university in the event he withdrew from his university.


Q7: What are the available specialities in the universities?

A7: You can browse the faculties links and available specialities for admission ( press here for male students) (press here for female students)


Q8: How many study desires should I enter?

A8: You must enter 15 study desires, and you (student) should put them in order of priority.


Q9: Can I change my own password? What is the way?

A9: Yes, you can through the link available when entering your account in the unified electronic portal.


Q10: Is it possible to reorder the study desires after saving them?

A10: Yes, it is possible (during application time) by pressing on changing study desires at the bottom of the page.


Q11: The results of assessment and educational attainment tests are not available like in their website; therefore I can’t have access?

A11: You can send and e-mail through the link contact us on the main webpage and mention the name and ID number to be updated, and then you will have access after 24 hours.


Q12: How can I get the score of the assessment test?

A12: You can get the score through the electronic website of the national center for assessment in the higher education (


Q13: I took the test of general abilities more than one time, what is the result to be used for admission?

A13: You can use the highest score you attained in the test.


Q14: What is the validity of the test of general abilities?

A14: The test of general abilities is valid for three years.


Q15: How long is the validity of the educational attainment test ?

A15: It is valid for two years.


Q16: I never took any assessment test nor educational attainment test, so can I apply to university?

A16: You cannot apply as the (test of abilities) for scientific and theoretical streaming lanes and (educational attainment) for the scientific streaming lane is one of the requirements for admission and prioritizing the top.


Q17: How do non-Saudi students from Saudi mothers get admission?

A17: For non-Saudi students from Saudi mothers, they get the same treatment like Saudi students, and he enters his own ID number in Iqamah section and his mother’s ID number. After getting admission, he sends his file that contains the original copy of high school transcript, a copy of his iqamah and passport, the birth certificate and the Identification card of his mothering addition to the application form via express mail within the specified period.


Q18: I was not able to access my account when entering the score of the test of abilities and a message appears (the student’s scores are incorrect after comparing them with the data provided by the national center for assessment in the higher education)?

A18: You must make sure that the highest score of the test of abilities has been entered. If the problem is not solved an e-mail according to what is written on the link contact us.


Q19: How does a student know the result of application and when do students receive the text message?

A19: A student should often access his account on the portal on the announced dates in the application schedule. Also, text messages and e-mails will be sent. A text message will be sent to the number the student has entered when entering his ID number, when saving the study desires, when nominating for interviews and when the admission results are out. A student should not just depend on the text messages, but he must access their account in the admission website in accordance with the announced timetable.


Q20: When I entered the study desires, I found in the left column that is specified for filling in the study desires three available study desires; are they there just to show where to enter the study desires or they are there because they match my average and I might get them?

A20: These specialities appeared for you when choosing the stage healthy and the rest of faculties. These are available for student to put them in order of priority and he may delete some if not interesting.


Q21: If I don’t get accepted in the health faculties due to the unsuccessful interview, can the second study desire be achieved?

A21: If you don't get accepted in the health lane, you still can compete over the rest of the faculties and you have a chance of reordering your study desires in the other faculties to the date of closing the portal of other faculties.


Q22: Do the copies of the high school certificated have to be certified by the school?

A22: They don’t have to be certified.


Q23: Is there another chance to apply to the university in the event I miss the application deadline?

A23: There is not a chance of applying one more time to the university after the deadline passes.


Q24: What happens if a student does not submit the required documents in the specified period?

A24: His application will be canceled.


Q25: Can :I withdraw from the university after submitting my file? What are the procedures?

A25: Of course, you have the right withdraw from the university from admission (more: press here).


Q26: Can I go to the university to apply?

A26: You cannot do that as application is done online, and officers will not receive any application.


Q27: What are the criteria of admission in the university?

A27: To know all about the criteria of admission in Almajma;ah University (press here).


Q28: I withdrew from the university; yet I would like to join the university again, is it possible?

A28: You can refer to Deanship of Admission and Registration to reenter your name in the system.


Q29: I am a regular student in one of the universities; but I have stayed off school for more than four semesters (more than two years) can I still apply to the university?

A29: Of course, you can send your application through the admission portal and they will consider you a new student according to the announced admission conditions.


Q30: Can I apply to the university while I’m a regular student in another university?

A30: A regular student in a university is not allowed to apply to the university unless he has withdrawn already.


Q31: based on what should I put the specialties available in order?

A31: Putting the specialities in order is primarily based on your interests and desires. You should pay attention and be wise in selecting your major.


Q32: Can I use the result of the test of abilities and the test of educational attainment that I got the last year?

A32: Yes, you can use the result of the test you took last year.


Q33: How can I send my documents after getting accepted?

A33: The accepted candidates should send the original copies required via Saudi express mail.


Q34: How can I get the university number?

A34: You can question on the student number on this page after announcing the final results of admission via entering your ID number.


Q35: What are the situations in which student’s admission may be canceled?

A35: To know the situations in which student’s admission may be canceled, please click here.