Rabi Al-Awaal 1441
17 November 2019

Dean Message

Last Modified Tue, 2018/03/27 - 10:22


At the beginning I'd like to welcome you to Al Majamaah university gate of the libraries affairs deanship which offer its services to searchers of staff members, students and individuals. It's no doubt that information at that time became the pillar in progress of any country. Now renaissance and progress of the country are measured by information it posses, to the extent that this age called "Information age". No one can deny that the academic libraries is one of the most important knowledge and information storages. Accordingly, deanship of libraries affairs in Al Majamaah university started to develop its libraries. university libraries provide information sources and storages in all its types and shapes. It also provide the academic curricula and services for beneficiaries within a proper learning atmosphere. In addition to that, the libraries affairs deanship sought after providing a number of the electronic and database sources for its libraries visitors so to support the academic process. Also, the one who schemed the deanship, which will be soon applied inshaAllah, has to train students and researchers on using such electronic sources.


If the main three functions of any university are the scientific research, teaching and serving society, then Al Majamaah university will exert all its efforts for the sake of serving such functions. It work on providing information sources for the scientific research and developing the learning process as well. It also tries every way to reach a high position in science and technology and be up to any recent discoveries in respect of libraries, information technology and its application. Therefore, it started to operate the libraries mechanism and digitization in the university libraries. There has been an a agreement with one of the leader institution in this field of publishing and libraries services industry for the purpose of performing mechanical indexing of the university libraries through entry of bibliographical data of groups till the quality of bibliographical records become adjusted just like the international standards. The institution has already begun the actual work of this project and it's expected to be finished within a period doesn't exceed 4 months. Thinking of starting an institutional digital storage for Al Majamaah university online, will make the scientific production available for staff members digitally. Also, currently, deanship work on developing its website online so to be a gate for all the visitors may need regardless of distance or time differences.

As technologies especially information technology offer all that's new in accelerating manner, the deanship efforts will be continued and intensified so to be update with all upcoming situations.


May Allah bless all of you!

Dr.Saad Alflayyeh