Rabi Al-Thani 1442
25 November 2020

Tasks and Missions of the Legal Department

Last Modified Sat, 2017/07/01 - 09:51

• Develop the legal department’ system.

• Establish an integrated legal library and pay field visits to the competent authorities for this purpose of benefiting from their expertise.

• Answer inquiries from the University Rector and also those received from various colleges and departments at the university.

• Study and prepare consultations received from the university Rector.

• Study minutes of colleges’ boards received from the University Rector.

• Study documents referred to the department such as Councils and different committees’ minutes and give legal opinions about what was taken from the decisions and recommendations.

• Review regulations, agreements and contracts received by the Legal Department in terms of legal procedures and formulation.

• Represent the University in various cases brought before the Grievance Board and the judiciary departments.

• Prepare notes of the university defense before the Grievance Board, judicial authorities and other parties in all cases and matters where the University is part in it.

• Study matters relating to the observations received from control & observation parties and coordinate with relevant authorities to prepare a formal response.

• Participate in committees specified by the powers granted by the Rector.

• Study the powers delegated by the university officials to their subordinates to clarify the extent of their validity and provide them with the necessary recommendations for the benefit of work.

• Systematic review of the memoranda submitted to the University Council and the Council of Higher Education upon request.

• Participate in the investigation committees and disciplinary procedures to the university employees according to their authorities.

• Monitor the progress of work for the university employees and give alerts on legal violations that may fall and take punitive actions against those who insist on continuing violation after the issuance of the approval of the authority in charge.

• Work on preparing an electronic & paper database containing a group of university legal rules and regulations of the according to the latest amendments entered to it. Also ensuring continuous communication with the legislator higher body of experts and the provisions of the Administrative Courts in the Grievance Board issued in favor of or against other educational institutions and so on.

• Carry out any tasks entrusted to it by the authorities and within the sphere of competence, particularly with regard to the separation of the university and its faculties from their former universities they used to report to before the issuance of the Royal Decree to establish Majmaah University as an independent university.