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21 October 2019

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02 Oct 2016

The University Rectorship set a coordinative workshop represented by the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health as part of its plan in achieving a safe academic...

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02 Oct 2016

In the light of the continuous success of the Gulf Universities and Social Responsibility Forum entitled ( Strategic Visions and Effective Practices) hosted by MU on 22-24\11\2015...

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02 Oct 2016

A memorandum of understanding was signed between MU and the Female Committee for Social Development in Riyadh on Wednesday, 4\5\2016 corresponding to 27\7\1437 AH as part of their...

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02 Oct 2016

Upon the invitation of the Secretariat General of GCC and the orders of the University Rector, Dr. Khalid Almugrin to activate the integration principle among GCC universities and...

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26 Sep 2016

In an attempt to achieve quality in the standards of safety and occupational health at Majmaah University's facilities, the General Administration for Occupational Health and...

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26 Sep 2016

The board of the university astronomical observatory held its second meeting under the chairmanship of the vice rector Dr. Mussalem AL Dossari, the Director of the Observatory and...

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26 Sep 2016

Dr. Khaled Bin Saad AL Migrin, the Rector met with the University vice rector, the deans of colleges and deanships and the heads of administrations to discuss the progress of...

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26 Sep 2016

The head of the Committee for Naming Special Climate Cases in the Kingdom visited the Unit of Weather Conditions Follow up at the Department of Services in the University. He was...

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26 Sep 2016

As one of Majmaah University plans to consolidate relations with the community, the vice-rector of the University Dr. Mosallam Al-Dousari received the newly appointed Director of...

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26 Sep 2016

In line with the directives of the Rector for all university sectors to accomplish their strategic projects, Dr. Mussalam AL Dossari received in his office at the University...

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