Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
21 January 2020

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24 Dec 2019

Within the framework of the developmental efforts exerted by the Project Management Office (PMO) to achieve the strategic goals of MU and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, Dr. Ayman Al-...

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19 Jul 2019

As part of the developmental works carried out by MU, the Project Management Office has resumed archiving old documents of previous projects. A highly developed e-archiving system...

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02 May 2019

Based on the directives of Dr. Khalid Al-Mugren, MU Rector, and the follow-up of Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, MU Vice-Rector, the Project Management Office launched an initiative...

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25 Mar 2019

Based on the directives of MU Rector to automate the university services and in response to the plan of PMO to develop the Project Managemnt System 2 to include new features...

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21 Feb 2019

Within the framework of the developmental efforts exerted by the university to achieve its strategic goals and in line with the Kingdom vision 2030, MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-...

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16 Feb 2019

The Project Management Office handed over a copy of the system to the Vice-Rector's Office for Graduate Studies and scientific research. The system provides a database of all...

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03 Feb 2019

In line with the developmental works carried out by the Project Management Office (PMO) at MU, the Office conducted a survey to boost the quality of project management at the...

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22 Jan 2019

The Rector of Islamic University was briefed on the features of recent version of the project management system PMO2. Among the features seen by the Rector were project...

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21 Jan 2019

The supervisor of the University Project Management Office received a delegation from the Facilities Security Forces which includes the Director of the Project Management Office...

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13 Jan 2019

The Office completed a survey measuring the views of the project managers at the University, which aims to raise the level of interest in project management on campus, whether on...

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