Rabi Al-Thani 1442
29 November 2020

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20 Dec 2016

In the light of the directives of the university rector to consolidate participation and networking with professional conventions and competent parties, Majmaah University,...

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01 Dec 2016

A delegation of the Internal Audit Department in Qassim Region -headed by Mr. Ali Al-Mehesin- paid a visit to the Internal Audit Department at Majmaah University. Director of the...

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21 Nov 2016

Copies of the Internal Audit Issues were distributed to all the Saudi Universities as well as regulatory institutions per instructions from Majmaah University Rector, Dr. Khalid...

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16 Oct 2016

Rector Receives the Annual Report of Internal Audit and Procedural Handbooks of Financial and Performance Audit. The Rector, Dr. Khalidbin Sa'ad Almugrin, received a number of...

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16 Oct 2016

Under the patronage of the Rector, Dr. Khalid Almuqrin, and the presence of the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Muhammed bin Abdullah Alshaie'...

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19 May 2016

The Internal Audit Administration won 3rd place in the Rector's Excellence and Quality Award of Administrations for the academic year 1436\1437 AH; although it was launched...

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24 Dec 2015

Under the supervision of Majmaah University Vice-rector Dr. Musallam Al-Dosari, the Internal Audit Department has organized a workshop entitled (Significance of Internal Audit)....

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06 Dec 2015

Headed by the Director of the Directorate of Internal Audit, Mr. Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Al-Thmeri, a team from the directorate visited His Excellency MU Rector, Dr. Khalid bin...

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06 Sep 2015

Within the program of introducing internal auditing, its tasks and responsibilities and upon the directives of the Rector, the Department,paid several visits to the units of...

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19 May 2015

Internal audit department continues to work on the preparation of (the tasks performance guide) through the committee set up for this purpose under the chairmanship of His...

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