Rabi Al-Thani 1442
29 November 2020

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02 May 2019

Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Al-Thumairi, Director of Internal Audit, has issued a number of administrative orders with regard to establishing two new units that will be run by the following...

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29 Apr 2019

In compliance with Article 7 in the unified regulation of internal audit units at government bodies and institutions, MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Mugren endorsed the annual audit...

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03 Apr 2019

A regular meeting was held by the Internal Auditing Department to discuss a number of topics, on top of which the reports and tasks of auditing for last quarterly report of annual...

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30 Jan 2019

A delegation of Department of Internal Audit, headed by Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Thumairi, Director of DIA, paid a visit to the Vice-Rector, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari to present the...

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08 Jan 2019

The University participated in the 7th Conference of Internal Audit in Saudi Arabia organized by the Saudi Association of Internal Auditors on 3/3/1440 AH in Riyadh. The...

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17 Nov 2018

The Director of the Internal Audit Department at Jazan University, Mr. Mohammed Darsi, accompanied by Mr. Waleed Mohammed Al Falah, visited the Internal Audit Department at...

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02 Nov 2018

The Department of Internal Audit has completed the third quarter annual plan of internal audit for the fiscal year 1440/1439 AH. The audit process was of both financial and that...

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08 Jul 2018

MU Rector Dr. Khalid Al-Muqrin welcomed in his office the Director of Internal Audit Department Mr. Abdul-Aziz Al-Thamiri and some staff members to receive the annual report of...

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07 Jul 2018

The Department of Internal Audit has won the Rector's Award for Quality and Excellence for the academic year 1438/1439. The award was received by the Director of the Department...

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03 May 2018

The Director of the Internal Audit Department at Hafr Al-Baten University, Mr. Abdullah bin Mutlaq Al-Mutairi and Mr. Hamad Bin Ghali Al-Zafairi, visited the Internal Audit...

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