Safar 1441
17 October 2019

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16 Oct 2019

As part of the Plan of the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education for the academic year 1440/1441, the Training Department at the Deanship started the...

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14 Oct 2019

As part of the Deanship’s contribution to preserve the folklore of the society, the Vice-Dean’s Office for Community Service at the female campus, represented by women community...

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31 Aug 2019

As part of its role to serve the community, MU represented by the Community Service and Continuous Education Dean’s Office patronized a program for early detection of breast...

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28 Aug 2019

The Director of King Khalid Hospital in Majmaah, Dr. Khalid Al-Ghatani, launched a workshop entitled “medical laboratories in view of 2030 Vision” in the presence of the Vice-Dean...

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22 Jul 2019

On Wednesday 29/06/1440 AH, the program entitled “ The Art of Dealing with People”- organized by Dean’s Office of Community Service under the supervision of security patrols -...

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02 May 2019

Based on MU primary role to serve the community and in attempt to achieve the 7th strategic goal related to consolidation of community partnership, the Community Service and...

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21 Apr 2019

In the light of the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education concern to support talented students, the Vice Dean Office of the female campus, in cooperation with the...

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20 Feb 2019

Within the framework of series of regular meetings of educational programs executive supervisors for the academic year 1439/1440 AH, the Office of the Dean of Community Service...

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31 Jan 2019

A group of staff from the female campus of the Vice-Dean’s Office of Community Service paid a visit on Wednesday to patients in King Khalid Hospital in Majmaah. The aim of the...

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28 Jan 2019

Within the framework of the collaboration established between Majmaah University and Onaizah Colleges to follow-up the progress of educational programs for the academic year 1439-...

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