Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
20 January 2020

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04 Nov 2019

The Initiative-Proposal Team at the General Administration of Follow-up held the 2nd meeting for this year. Some of the administrative initiatives introduced by the team were...

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20 Jul 2019

The General Department of Follow-up at female campus conducted a training course, presented by Miss. Zainab Al-Suweykit. The Director of Follow-up Department, Miss Fadwa Al-Asker...

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26 Mar 2019

MU Award Quality Evaluation Team paid a visit to the Department of Follow-up to discuss the mechanisms and procedures of work and chances of improving them.

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17 Feb 2019

As many of the university departments and vice-dean’s offices have moved to the new administration building, the General Directorate of Follow-up has relocated more than 15...

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14 Feb 2019

The Committee of Staff Discipliner’s sixth meeting was chaired by the Dean of Human Resources, Dr. Al-Humaidi Al-Daidan. All topic listed on the agenda were addressed in the...

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12 Nov 2018

The Director-General of the Follow-up Directorate, Mr. Khalid Bin Sanat Al-Thiabi chaired the first meeting of the team of proposal initiatives at the General Directorate of...

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08 Oct 2018

Mr. Khalid Bin Sanat Al-Thiabi, the Director General of the Follow-up Department, issued administrative decisions to assign: 1- Abdullah bin Abdul-Mohsen Al-Mansour as Director...

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01 Jul 2018

The Follow-up Administration was awarded the silver medal in the Rector's Award for Quality and Excellence. The Director of the Administration Mr. Khalid Al-Thiabi, thanked the...

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19 Feb 2018

The Follow Up Department has completed the second stage of activating the electronic attendance system (Fingerprint). Head of Supervision Department Mr. Jamal Al-Jedaie announced...

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06 Apr 2015

Decision No. (11) dated 10/03/1436 AH. The Director of Follow-up Administration. Upon the authorities conferred to him, by the Rector of the University. And under memorandum No....

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