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22 October 2020

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29 Sep 2016

The Director of the Legal Department Mr. AbdulAziz AlHammad received the director of Follow-up Department Mr. Khalid AlThiabi, as well as Personnel Director Mr. Saad AlSultan in...

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20 Sep 2016

The new organizational structure of the Legal Department has been approved by Majmaah University Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqrin. This new structure has been created in the attempts...

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22 Aug 2016

Mr. Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah ALHammad received a thanking letter from the University Vice rector Dr. Mussalem AL Dossari. The vice rector extended his thanks and appreciation to Mr...

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21 Aug 2016

The Rector of Majma'ah University, Dr. Khalid bin Sa'ad Almugrin, sent his thanks to the Director of the Legal Administration, Mr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Alhammad, and the...

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27 Apr 2016

Mr. AbdulAziz AlHammad Director of the Legal Department at Majmaah University- received the Internal Audit Team of the Deanship of Quality and Development. The visit, which is...

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13 Apr 2016

The Forum of Legal Affairs Departments was concluded on Monday 27/05/1437 AH, 07/03/2016 which was held at King Saud University in cooperation between the Saudi Judicial...

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03 Apr 2016

In compliance with the directives of the director, Mr. Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Alhammad, and in an attempt to strengthen cooperation between directorates of legal affairs and...

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03 Apr 2016

Within the framework of consolidating cooperation between the Departments of Legal Affairs and the exchange of expertise, the Legal Adviser of the Department, Mr. AbdulAziz Bin...

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03 Apr 2016

The Rector of the University, Dr. Khaled bin Saad Al Muqrin, appointed AbdulAziz Bin Abdullah Alhammad as the Director of the Department of Legal Department on 02\05\1437 AH، 11/...

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27 Jan 2014

Annual Legal Administrations MeetingBased on the approval of the Minister of Higher Education to sponsor the first meeting of legal administration directors at Saudi universities...

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