Thul-Hijjah 1440
24 August 2019

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03 Aug 2019

The Dean of Preparatory Year, Dr. Abdelmohsen Al-Khunaizan, along with Dr. Ibrahim Al-Arifi, Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs, made an inspection visit to the examination hall to...

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03 Aug 2019

The Dean of the Preparatory Year Dean’s Office, Dr. Abelmohsen Al-Khunaizan, and the Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Arifi, welcomed the dean of the Common First...

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29 Jul 2019

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Orayfi, Vice- Dean for Educational Affairs has won MU prize for scientific excellence – outstanding researcher category-. The college, represented by the Dean, Dr...

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05 May 2019

Within the framework of cooperation among the colleges, the Preparatory Year Dean’s Office organized, in collaboration with the Student Affairs Dean’s Office an Exhibition for...

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17 Apr 2019

In the presence of the Vice-Rector Dr. Muslim bin Mohammed Al-Dosari and the Dean of the Preparatory Year Deanship Dr. Abdulmohsen bin Sulaiman Al-Khonezan and the Vice- Dean for...

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04 Apr 2019

Within the new tendency to develop the university staff performance, The Training Unit at Preparatory Year conducted a training course entitled “How to motive Yourself”....

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05 Mar 2019

The Unit of Academic Advising conducted a one-week workshop for academic advisors both in English and Arabic to introduce them to the new mechanism of academic advising for the...

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05 Mar 2019

Within the framework of exchanging knowledge to advance the educational process, the Office of the Dean of Preparatory Year welcomed a delegation of Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic...

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20 Feb 2019

The Academic Advising Unit conducted the academic advising day in which members of the unit visited the classrooms of new students to guide them and answer their questions. New...

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12 Feb 2019

The Academic Advising Unit at the Office of the Vice-Dean of Preparatory Year established a digital library as a step towards meeting the needs of students who are interested to...

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