Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

20 Apr 2020

Within the framework of community service and under the patronage of the Deanship of Student Affairs, the College of Medicine at female campus, represented by the Department of...

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07 Feb 2020

The Intellectual Awareness Unit in cooperation with the Student Activity Unit at the College of Medicine held activities to celebrate the International Anti-Corruption Day, 2019...

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30 Jan 2020

The Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Khalid Al-Abdelwahab conducted a meeting with the Student Advisory Council in the presence of the head of student affairs unit, Mr. Ahmed...

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24 Dec 2019

The Dean of the College, Dr. Khalid Al-Abdelwahab chaired the sixth meeting of the academic accreditation meeting which took place in the meeting hall. The progress achieved to...

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19 Dec 2019

The Intellectual Awareness Unit at the female campus of the College of Medicine conducted in cooperation with the College of Applied Medical Science a lecture entitled “...

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04 Dec 2019

The College of Medicine held on Tuesday in collaboration with the Deanship of Scientific Research a workshop entitled “Strategies of Deanship of Scientific Research”. The workshop...

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04 Dec 2019

In conjunction with the international day of old persons, the College of Medicine at female campus conducted on Wednesday a lecture on issues related to elderly people such as the...

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04 Nov 2019

In association with King Khalid Hospital and Abdulatif Cancer Screening Center, the College of Medicine took part in the awareness campaign held by MU at Majmaah Mall under the...

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24 Oct 2019

The 5th Meeting of Academic Accreditation for the current year 1440/1441 was chaired by the Dean of the College of Medicine and the Supervisor of Medical Services, Dr. Khalid Al-...

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24 Oct 2019

The College of Medicine, represented by the Clinical skills Unit conducted a workshop, entitled “ How to use SimMan 3G”. Eng. Hussam Mulhem, who presented the workhshop,...

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