Muharram 1441
22 September 2019

10 Sep 2019

The College of Medicine at female campus held on Sunday an introductory meeting for the sixth batch to introduce them to the study system and plan of the college. Dr. Sawsan...

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08 Jul 2018

The College of Medicine (Female Section) held the closing ceremony for the student activities for 1438-1439 academic year on Thursday 24/8/1439 in the presence of the supervisor...

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08 Jul 2018

The College of Medicine (Girls Sections) organized an activity to introduce the Prophetic Medicine on Tuesday, 11/6/1439. Visitors were introduced to cupping and its benefits...

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08 Jul 2018

The College of Medicine (Girls' Sections) organized a brisk walking activity on Thursday and Sunday 12-15 / 7/1439 in the courtyard of the College. The presenters explained the...

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07 Jul 2018

Supported by the Deanship of Student Affairs, the College of Medicine, in cooperation with King Khaled Hospital in Majmah, organized a campaign titled “You are precious" at Majmah...

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07 Jul 2018

A meeting was conducted by The Student Advisory Council under the chairmanship of the Dean of the College of Medicine and Supervisor of Medical Services, Dr. Khaled Al-Abdalwahab...

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30 Apr 2018

Dr. Islam Shusha, Professor of Neurology and Consultant of Multiple Sclerosis at the College of Medicine, has represented MU in the 10th Gulf Neurology Science Conference at an...

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19 Mar 2018

The Family Medicine Department at the College of Medicine conducted a professional development program for Primary Care Physicians. The aim of the program is to increase the...

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15 Mar 2018

The Dean of the College of Medicine Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Abdul Wahab has issued a number of administrative decisions: First: Appointment of Dr. Suleiman bin Abdul Aziz Al-...

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15 Mar 2018

The Dean of College of Medicine Dr. Khalid Al-Abdul Wahab, accompanied by Dr. Fahd Al-Fuhaid, Vice-Dean for Development and Quality, has received the Strategic Plan Committee of...

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