Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

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17 Jun 2020

As part of the remarkable resilience to improve the performance management at the request of MU Rector, the internal audit team of the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development (...

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17 Jun 2020

MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren, issued an order to assign Mr. Abdel Aziz Al-Hammad as a manager of General Administration of Legal Affairs In return, Mr. Al-Hammad extended his...

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12 Jun 2020

MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren, issued an administrative order to change the name of the Legal Administration to “The General Administration of Legal Affairs”. The general...

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23 Feb 2020

The Legal Department has conducted a hands-on training course for potential graduates. The 24-hour program is part of the department’s guiding principles to provide educational...

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09 Nov 2019

The Manager of the Legal Department at Majmah University Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Hammad issued an administrative decision to activate the full legal counsel initiative in conjunction...

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31 Aug 2019

The Director of Legal Department, Mr. Abdel Aziz Al-Hammad, received a letter of appreciation from the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih for winning MU...

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30 Aug 2019

The Legal Department won the title of ‘most improved departments for the academic year 1439/1440 AH” in MU Rector Award for Quality and Excellence. The Director of Legal...

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03 Aug 2019

In a launching ceremony held on Monday to celebrate the launch of Majmaah University International Center for Rehabilitation, Prosthetic and Orthotic, MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-...

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09 Jul 2019

As part of its efforts to improve the institutional administrative performance in line with the directives of MU Rector, an internal audit team from the Dean’s Office of Quality...

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09 Jul 2019

MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Mugren, issued an order to renew the assignment of Mr. Abdelaziz Al-Hammad as a Director of Legal Administration from 2/5/1440 AH. In return, Mr. Al-...

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