Rabi Al-Thani 1441
10 December 2019

04 Jul 2018

MU Rector launched the “Weather Forecast Platform” at the Weather Follow up Unit. Supervisor of the Administration of Services Mr. Moteb Al-Maimouni gave an overview of the...

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03 Jul 2018

Executive Director of King Abdul-Aziz Prize for Quality Dr. Zaben Al-Thubaiti and his accompanying delegation visited the Administration of Services accompanied by the Dean of...

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01 Jul 2018

The Administration of Services won the gold medal in the Rector’s Award for Quality and Excellence for the academic year 1438/1439 (Administration Category) in a ceremony...

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01 Jul 2018

Salik Awareness Club has published a booklet of drawing and coloring regarding road safety in primary schools as part of the University efforts to support the campaign 'University...

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25 Jun 2018

In continuation of the efforts in activating a university initiative without accidents, the Salik Awareness Club carried out an intensive campaign to activate the preventive...

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25 Jun 2018

The Salik Awareness Club carried out an intensive campaign to activate the preventive activities of the University Without Accidents Initiative. The Salik Club thanked all...

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24 Jun 2018

Dr. Khalid bin Saad Al-Muqrin, Rector of the University, warmly thanked the General Department of Facilities and Services for its participation and also the participation of women...

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23 Jun 2018

The General Department of Services is very concerned to activate the feature of 'Ready' Service, launched by MU rector Dr. Khaled Bin Saad Al-Mugren, via the Weather Forecast Unit...

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22 Jun 2018

The General Department of Services received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the Dean of Engineering College Dr. Abdullah Alabdulkarim for the efforts of the Department to...

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20 Jun 2018

The General Administration of Services received a letter of thanks from the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Bin Ali Al Rumaih, for the participation of the Department...

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