Rabi Al-Thani 1442
29 November 2020

20 Jul 2019

The Driving Simulation Center ”Salik” resumed offering a number of training courses to female staff and students. Recently, a course entitled “Management of Road Health Problems”...

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20 Jul 2019

The Supervisor of the General Department of Services, Mr. Moteb Al-Maimoni, received letter of thanks from the Dean of the College of Dentistry, Abdelrahman Al-Attram, in...

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11 Jul 2019

The General Department of Services has received a letter of appreciation from the Department of Environment Occupational Health in recognition of its efforts in transporting...

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25 Jun 2019

A Training course was conducted by the Driving Simulation Center entitled ‘Best Practices for Risks Management on Road’. The course has three parts: theory, practices and...

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23 Jun 2019

The General Supervisor of the Department of Services, Mr. Moteb Al-Maymoni, received a letter of appreciation from the Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Saud Al-Mughem, in...

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23 Jun 2019

A high-profile delegation from Arab Weather Company paid a visit to the Severe Weather Unit at Majmaah University. Welcomed by the Supervisor of the Department of General...

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09 May 2019

A first group of trainees have completed a training at the Driving Simulator Center “Salik”. The training included qualitative courses both theoretical and practical followed by...

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02 May 2019

The General Department of Services at Majmaah University has completed successfully carrying out the transportation works for the academic year 1439/1440. More than 7380 female...

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02 May 2019

The 2nd phase of educating elementary school students about road safety awareness was conducted by Salik Club with the theme ‘Our kids are our responsibility’. While the first...

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25 Apr 2019

Dr. Khalid Al-Mugren, MU Rector, welcomed in his office a group of staff from the Department of Services headed by the General Supervisor, Mr. Moteb Al-Maymoni. In the presence of...

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