Rabi Al-Thani 1441
10 December 2019

13 Jan 2019

A number of parents have attended the 'Friends of Services' Initiative held by the General Directorate of Services to introduce them to the wide-range of services offered by the...

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08 Jan 2019

The General Supervisor of the Directorate of Services, Mr. Mot’eb bin Mohammed Al-Maimouni, received a letter of thanks from MU Vice-Rector, Prof. Musallam Al-Dossari as a...

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08 Jan 2019

In continuation of its efforts to serve the university sectors, the Department of transport represented by the Services and Transport Section continued its efforts to move to new...

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07 Jan 2019

The Department of Transportation received a letter of thanks from the Director General of the General Department of University Security for playing a successful role in...

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06 Jan 2019

100 million km driven safely by the university transportation

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05 Jan 2019

The Transportation Unit continued to provide services for the University colleges after the official working hours by picking up faculty members from the airports in addition to...

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02 Jan 2019

The Technical Maintenance Department has completed the mechanical and electrical maintenance of the University vehicles at all branches of the University. Nearly 95% ؜ of the...

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01 Jan 2019

As part of the MU celebration on the occasion of reaching 100 million kilometers of driving without accidents, the student service centers participated in this event with the hope...

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01 Jan 2019

Within the framework of the efforts exerted by the Department of Services to respond to the requests of transporting students and staff to events, the Department has received a...

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31 Dec 2018

The Director General of the Department, Mr. Moteb Al-Maymouni, received a letter of appreciation from Dr. Jawahar Al-Omar, vice-rector for Students Affairs, for the high-quality...

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