Rabi Al-Thani 1442
29 November 2020

03 Feb 2020

The Directorate of Services helped the Astronomical Observatory in transferring the equipment and staff to the Solar Eclipse Site in Al-Ahsa which will last for 5 days.

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03 Feb 2020

The manager of the Directorate of Services, Mr. Moteb Al-Maymoni, the director of the university endowment, Dr. Ahmed Al-Daajani, to discuss the mutual cooperation between the two...

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02 Feb 2020

As part of the follow-up of regular maintenance of the university vehicle, the manager of directorate of services, Mr. Moteb Al-Maymoni paid an inspection visit to the vehicle...

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30 Jan 2020

In line with the Awareness Program Campaign “Be Cautious”, the Directorate of Services is still carrying out the campaign in cooperation with students. The aim of the initiative...

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28 Jan 2020

The manager of the Directorate of Services, Mr. Moteb Al-Maymoni, received a letter of appreciation from the vice-rector for female student affairs, Dr. Jawaher Al-Omar, in...

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19 Jan 2020

The university’s transportation services for the first academic year ended successfully. Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, Vice-Rector, said that over 7208 female students have availed...

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01 Jan 2020

As part of its social responsibility towards the community, the university launched ‘Always with you’ initiative to educate elementary school students of the harmful effects...

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25 Dec 2019

In line with the efforts exerted to provide students with transportation services from their houses to colleges and field training and activities, the university announced that it...

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23 Dec 2019

As the university is very concerned to allow students to take part in all activities and events held by Traffic Safety Center ‘Salik’, membership is now open to all students...

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19 Dec 2019

Within the framework of efforts exerted to serve all sectors at the university, the Dean of Dentistry College, Dr. Abdelrahman Al-Attram, honored the General Administration for...

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