Rabi Al-Thani 1442
30 November 2020

19 Sep 2020

Under the patronage of the dean, Dr. Sultan al-Mutairi, and under the supervision of the vice-dean for Educational Affairs, Dr. Abdullah al-Dhikeel, the Vice-Dean’s Office for...

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17 Sep 2020

Prof. Musallam al-Dosari, vice-rector, welcomed in his office the development team of College of Community at MU. The team was led by the vice-dean for Educational Affairs, Dr....

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14 Sep 2020

Dr. Mohammed al-Obudi, vice-rector for educational affairs, paid an inspection visit on Monday to College of Community to check the college’s plan to transform into a practical...

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23 Jan 2020

Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, Vice-Rector, paid an inspection visit to the Gulf Colleges in Hafer Al-Batin to inspect the quality of diploma programs held in collaboration with...

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11 Dec 2019

At the request of the Dean, Dr. Sultan Al-Mutairi and under the supervision of the vice-dean for graduate studies and scientific research, Dr. Othman Al-Saleh, a group of the...

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03 Feb 2019

Under the patronage of the College Dean, Dr. Sultan Al-Mutairi and in the presence of the Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Al-Dukheil and the Head of Applied...

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10 Jan 2019

The Unit of Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the Vice-Dean’s Office for Educational Affairs held a lecture titled" Effective Strategies in Time Management" which came in...

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08 Jan 2019

The Community Service Unit at the Community College, in collaboration with the Students Guidance and Advising Unit in the College of Education, held a workshop titled: "Play...

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07 Jan 2019

The Supervisory Committee visited the Community Service Units to discuss its objectives and to clarify its tasks. It has also reviewed the operational plan of the community...

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24 Nov 2018

Under the sponsorship of the College Dean Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Mutairi, and under the supervision and follow-up of the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Abdullah Bin...

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