Rabi Al-Awaal 1441
14 November 2019

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03 Nov 2019

The College of Education at MU has hosted Faisal Al-Shemmari, a lecturer in the Department of Educational Science, to deliver a lecture at the University of Queensland, one of the...

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22 Oct 2019

The College of Education in Majmaah hosted on Tuesday the vice-dean for scientific research, Dr. Huda Al-Barrak. Dr. Al-Barrak was welcomed by the vice-dean, Ms. Bushra A-Anazi...

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14 Oct 2019

On Tuesday, February 6th , 2018, the Department of English at the College of Education (Girls' Section) held a workshop on teaching English. Presented by Dr. Shatha Al Askar, the...

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26 Sep 2019

The Department of Educational Science at the College of Education in Majmaah held a program to prepare field training students (student-lecturer). Launched by the Dean, Dr. Majed...

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25 Sep 2019

Within the framework of cooperation between deanships and colleges, the Dean of Graduate Studies Deanship, Dr. Abdullah Al-Suwaiket paid a visit to the College of Education in...

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24 Sep 2019

Dr. Majed Aba-Hussein, Dean of College of Education in Majmaah, had a meeting with new students in the presence of vice-deans and faculty members. Welcoming freshmen, Dr. Aba-...

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10 Sep 2019

Realizing the importance of academic advising and its impact on the success of student academic journey, the College of Education in Majmaah held on Sunday an introductory meeting...

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06 Sep 2019

The College of Education is pleased to congratulate Students the New Academic Year 1440/1441 and to provide them with academic services. The first week will be devoted for raising...

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31 Aug 2019

Dr. Majed Aba-Hussein, the Dean of College of Education in Majmaah, launched on Sunday the summer training program for teachers. In a speech delivered on this occasion, Dr. Aba-...

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06 Aug 2019

The Dean of the College of Education in Majmaah, Dr. Majed Aba-Hussein accompanied by the vice-deans and heads of department paid an inspection to exam committees to examine the...

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