Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr/Abdullah Aljabr


[email protected]

General jurisdiction:


Oversee the functioning of the educational process in undergraduate and implementation of policies and programs adopted in the fields of educational affairs and support services in coordination with College Dean.


Organizational link:


Linked to Dean of the College.


Terms of reference:


1. Overseeing the implementation of the study plans in academic departments and develop the college.


2. Adjust College schedules, and supervise the teaching load for faculty members.


3. Follow-up to determine the needs of the college faculty members, and work to be provided in coordination with the academic departments.


4. Contribute to raise the efficiency of the faculty members in teaching and learning processes.


5. Supervise the provision of appropriate educational environment and make sure to use it in teaching and learning at the college.


6. Follow-up to the development of educational facilities, laboratories and update the college.


7. Work on the provision of learning resources, and references in the various terms of reference of the college faculty.


8. Follow-up of students' exams procedures, and assess their levels.


9. Propose the formation of committees on the work of the agency.


10. Permanent coordination with agents of the college and the heads of academic departments, in order to achieve the overall objectives.


11. Prepare a comprehensive report on the progress of the study and academic performance in college, and submit it to the dean of the college.