Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
31 October 2020

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Support for Researchers


CCIS actively supports its researchers in a number of ways.

We offer a full programme of faculty development events focused on research and knowledge transfer with workshops on writing proposals, writing an article, referencing style etc.,. All the members are encouraged to be the member of all the professional bodies.


  • Weekly Research Seminars / Workshops

A weekly event of presentation by an expert, which highlights the latest developments in research. All the faculty members are invited to attend and get benefitted.


  • Training and development

    The college offers career and professional development support to all research staff. We continually invest in resources, and improve research facilities to ensure that our members are able to pursue their ideas, undertake research and transfer their knowledge to ensure significant global impact.

    • Library services

    The University has access to the following databases to be used by researchers

    • Saudi Digital Library

    • Turnitin