Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
23 October 2020

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Student Activities

  • Organize sports and cultural competitions.
  • Develop communication  skills through continuous contact with students via e-mail, WhatsApp to encourage and inform about events and student activities
  • Contacting deanship of student affairs on students events and work on messages sent to them.
  • Provide an encouraging and suitable environment for competition.
  • Discover and develop student skills and strengths
  • Reinforce practical and scientific culture.
  • Develop intellectual faculties like critical thinking.

Counseling and Guiding

  • Social and scientific counseling.
  • Organize lectures and workshops on social and psychological counseling
  • Stimulating and encouraging success and social participation
  • Professional counseling and help in placements after graduation.
  • Answering students needs  as well as helping and supporting them.