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26 November 2020

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Advisory Board of the Department of Computer Science

The advisory council of the College has been decided from the Rector, because of the importance of the partnership with the professional community and its role in the rehabilitation of human cadres, capable to compete in the labor market

Which includes a selection of professional leaders in the labor market, and a group of international academics outstanding, in addition to representatives from the local community, the Council aims to draw a strategic plan for the College and activating the role of partnerships, which contributes to upgrading the academic level, where it was held the first meeting of the Council on Tuesday, 24 November 1434 H, corresponding to October 29, 2013 AD, headed by Rector Dr.Khalid Al-Moqren

Duties of the Council

  • Make suggestions on what serves the future of the college
  • Provide ways to deepen partnership between the college and the local and global community
  • Contribute to the development of programs and curricula according to the requirements of the labor market
  • Contribute to the implementation of the strategic plan of the College
  • Make proposals that would provide material and moral support for the college
  • Contribute to the setting up of a coordination mechanism for the establishment of joint projects between the college and the sectors of society in order to find solutions to the problems of society in an integrated manner
  • Propose methods to raise funds for the College's development projects.

Council Members

Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Shehri Chair
Dr. Ali bin Abdul Aziz Al-Hamdan Member and Trustee
Dr. Reda Ammar Member
Dr. Hossam Mohammad Ramadan


Dr. Thamer Bin Omar Al Hussein


Dr. Nasir Bin Zaid Al Moshari