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19 September 2019

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About the Unit

Based upon the message of Faculty of Computer Science and Information in providing excellent educational services and preparing qualified graduates, the management of the Faculty regarded the academic counseling a very crucial and essential element in the educational process. Also, this guarantees establishing a partnership relation between the student and the academic advisor in order to achieve the learning outcomes of a specific academic program and accomplish the learning goals. The decision of establishing the academic counseling unit was one of the first decisions issued by the Dean of the Faculty as he is totally convinced of the high importance of academic counseling in the success of the educational process in the different departments of the Faculty.

The Experience of the Faculty in the academic counseling

The experience of the Faculty could be briefed in two phases:

First Phase: Designing Plans and Programs

The Faculty benefited a lot from the experiences of several companies and international universities in designing plans and programs and it made certain that these plans are approved by international referees. The students are provided with skills and knowledge they need in the field of information technology and computer sciences. People in charge of the Faculty participated in preparing these plans, following up with the updates and working on the basis and understanding that the essential part of the academic counseling process is represented in the academic advisor being fully aware of the academic plans and their tools, and being able to guide the students with what suits their capabilities. The Faculty confirmed preparing the academic counseling guide pertaining to teachers in English and Arabic. This guide includes what the academic advisor needs and it defines the advisor's responsibilities, the academic system, exams system, admission, registration, grades and other systems in the Faculty or the University.  

Second Phase: The Establishment of the Faculty

From the first day of the establishment of the Faculty in the first semester of the new academic year 1434/1435, a workshop was held and it was attended by the Dean of the Faculty, teaching staff and the students. In the workshop, the students were recommended to prepare for entering a new stage and dealing differently with the current situation in order to achieve success in the end. Also, it was stressed upon academic counseling and the importance for students to communicate constantly with their academic advisors and the subject teacher over every academic semester. On the other side, the students were urged to attend extracurricular activities and be fully committed to the instructions from the Deanship of the Faculty and the importance of communicating with others through e-mails on a daily basis.