Rabi Al-Awaal 1441
12 November 2019

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Transitional program

Definition of the transitional program

Transition program is a program that does not end with a degree, but qualifies the student to join the university after completing the program successfully according to the criteria proposed by the college in coordination with the related colleges regarding specialties that the students want to complete their university studies there. This program provides specialties disciplines proposed by the College Board and approved by the University Council. The student then is under supervision and being followed up closely from the first steps of joining this program and through different study stages. In case the college is sure of student’s inability to achieve the main requirements that qualify him to join the university, then he is directed to join the rehabilitation program within the guidelines as it deems appropriate by the College Council.

Objectives of the transitional program:

1. Providing an opportunity for the greatest number of students to study in specialties needed by the labor market.

2. To provide the highest levels in some sections of the university with students; to ensure a sufficient number of them to achieve high operation efficiency.

3. To reduce the university dropout rate in the Kingdom, where college absorbs a number of students whose grades did not qualify them for admission to the university directly.

The study plan of the transitional program:

Duration of study in the Transitional Program is two years. The program study plan is the same as the study plan of the four years for the same specialty in the university. The student have the choice to register any of the specialties he deems appropriate to his education in accordance with the regulations set by Majmaah university.

Specialties of the Transitional Program

A – Accounting

B – English Language

Rehabilitation Program:

Definition of the Rehabilitation Program It is a program that ends by granting the student an “Associate Degree” which equals the “Intermediate College Diploma”. Accordingly, the program provides the applied specialties that the indicators gave a sign that there is a need for its graduates in the labor market. Such applied specialties are proposed by the college and approved by the University Council.

Objectives of the Rehabilitation program:

1. Qualify students in specialties that have the highest need rate in the labor market and do not require a university degree.

2. Giving the opportunity for the students who were not able to continue their study for academic reasons, in accordance to the transitional program, to attain a degree that qualifies them for jobs.

The study plan of the Rehabilitation program:

Duration of study in the rehabilitation Program is two years to two and half year. The program study plan consists of (64) study units as minimum. In addition to what the specialty requires of preparatory or training programs In addition, the student shall have the right to transfer to the university colleges if the conversion conditions applied in his case. Any student can also apologize and retreat for the semester after approval of the college dean. Apology application should be submitted before the final examinations by at least five weeks.