Rabi Al-Awaal 1441
21 November 2019

Last Modified Sat, 2017/07/01 - 09:51

Academic Guidance and Counseling Centre



Community College, Majmaah University, decided to establish The Academic Guidance and Counselling Centre on 09/03/1433 under the slogan - "our duty is to help you when you come to us ... and help you when we feel you need us" This is the first of its kind at Majmaah University. The Centre aspires to provide support and guidance for the students during their course of study to fulfill the necessary requirements for graduation within stipulated time. This is to be done enhancing levels of independence and self confidence of the weaker and problematic students through suitable counselling and guidance provided by the experienced and competent people in the college. High level of achievement and higher success rate are beneficial in the line of the requirements of the quality assurance and this will lead a step forward towards the academic accreditation.


Identification of the Academic Guidance and Counseling Office

  • One of the Administrative Units associated with the college.
  • Follow the Vice Dean's Office for Student Affairs in the college, organizationally.
  • Follow the Dean's Office in the absence of the concerned agencies.
  • Set the necessary plan for the Academic Guidance and Counselling in the college and follow up its implementation.
  • Consolidate the Academic Guidance culture, create the demand for it and published it in the community of the college.