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24 January 2018

Medical Laboratories

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Department of Medical Laboratories

About the Department:

The Department of Medical Laboratories is interested in the following:

1. The preparation of Saudi staff specialized in medical laboratories and capable of dealing with all the tasks related to them such as  laboratory tests and analyses  in order to meet the needs of the Ministry of Health and the relevant sectors, and to contribute effectively in the service of society.

2. Introducing the students to various types of modern medical and educational means in order to facilitate their work in the future.

3. Preparing the students academically and practically for the purpose of completing their studies and obtaining postgraduate degrees to serve in Saudi universities and civil society.

4. Preparing the students to participate in research and field studies conducted within the College through joint work with colleagues and under the direct supervision of their instructors.







Study Methodology :


The study plan for a bachelor's degree follows the semester system, with the first and second semester constituting  the preparatory year (phase 1). The other semesters, starting with the third, constitute the phase of specialization. 

The students must pass 140 credit hours followed by a year of training (excellent rating).

The department applies the method of semesters system that is followed by other Saudi universities (the Internal system of higher education) and the language of teaching is the English language.


The most important learning skills obtained by students from the department are:

• Taking samples from patients at specific times and in a professional and safe manner.

• Completing laboratory tests with taking into consideration  the safety precautions and handling the hazardous chemical and biological materials in a scientific way.

• Using the laboratory equipment effectively and responsibly.

• The ability to interpret the results of lab tests scientifically.

• Respect for patients, colleagues, and superiors in addition to maintaining the privacy of deals.


The Vision:

•At this particular time, the country needs to increase the number of specialists in the field of medical laboratory at the Bachelor's level (BSc) to meet the needs of the market and to improve the performance in laboratory diagnosis units.

• The contribution in the coverage of the various and growing needs in the health field and to  keep up to date with constructive and technical development in this field.

•To provide continuing education programs in order to raise the efficiency of practitioners in the health professions as well as to provide consultation and doing applied research  for health problems in Saudi Arabia.


The Message:

The Health care in Saudi Arabia has experienced  unprecedented development in recent years particularly in the diagnosis of diseases as well as in the techniques of laboratory diagnosis in addition to the increase in the number of medical facilities.  This development requires the preparation and training of medical staff so that they can work within the medical team that provides integrated health care.



The Department of Medical Laboratories aims to:

1. Present the efficient staff in the field of medical laboratories.

2. Present a graduate who is qualified, in theory and practice, in various aspects of medical laboratories.

3. Prepare the graduate to work on complex diagnostic devices with sufficient technical skills.

4. Provide the graduate with the necessary information to manage the laboratory.

5. Develop the skills of the student and his knowledge of scientific development.


Career opportunities

There are many career opportunities for the graduate of Medical Laboratories due to the evolving health care in Saudi Arabia in recent years in addition to the increase in the number of medical facilities. So, the graduate can work in public or private hospitals and clinics.

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