Faculty Council


College Council

The Faculty Council is consisted of: the Dean as head of the council; vice Deans and female and male departments' heads and deputies as members; teaching staff and it is preferred that one of them to be the Faculty representative in the scientific council. The period of membership is to be defined by a decision from university council provided that one of the vice Deans becomes the council secretary. 

Council Organization

  • The Faculty Council holds at least a meeting monthly, and the meeting is not valid unless two third of member are present
  • The council decisions are issued after obtaining the agreement of the majority of present members, and when equal, preference is given to the party which the head is siding with.
  • The decisions of the council are valid unless an objection is raised by his Excellency University Rector after fifteen days of decision issuance. In the event the University Rector has some issues on it, he will send it back to the council with his viewpoint to be studied again. If the council does not want to change it, the decision objected to will be directed to the university council to discuss it in the first usual or exceptional session. The university council has the right to approve the decision, make some amendments or quash it. The decision of the university council is final.