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25 November 2020

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Annual Microproject Exhibtion 

Undergraduate Research and Assistance Committee with the able leadership of the H.O.D of EE Department, Dr.Abdullah Almuhaisen organized an “Exhibition of Micro-Projects” for EE students which were held at the Engineering Club Hall of College of Engineering on 6-3-2017. The event was inaugurated by  Dr. Abdullah Alabdulkarim, Dean - College of Engineering in the presence of Dr.Abdullah Almuhaisen, Vice-Dean for Quality and Development and HOD of EE Department , Dr.Saleh Al Dahsh , Vice –Dean for Academic Affairs and H.O.D of Mechanical Engineering Department and Dr.Abdullah Al Shehri, H.O.D of Civil Engineering Department.


A total of twenty micro-projects participated in the event and all the students who participated in the event were given with the participation Certificates.



"workshop about to Achieve the distinction of Majmaah University to be locally and globally excellence"

The Community service and research committee has presented a workshop about to Achieve the distinction of Majmaah University to be locally and globally excellence in one specific area.  The electrical engineering department will focus on the industrial and the military marketsFor the military sector, the EE department needs to understand the wants of the military sector by attending its conferences and exhibitions.


For the industry area, the EE department will start by visiting SEDIR  industrial center to have a close look to their needs in order to propose a R&D proposal. According to that, the research center will be created by the university and the privet sector ( Military or industrial). Both sides will manage this center, it will get some funding form the privet sector.As a initial proposal the EE department can be specialized in Integration of renewable energy sources in to the exciting power system & Smart grid solution


Workshop "Updating the SLO for EE curriculum "

The Assessment and Evaluation Committee (AEC) with the Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC) and in the electrical engineering department conduct a workshop about the development SLO of EE curriculum.

Dr. Abdullah Almuhaisen give a brief introduction about the SLO. Dr.Abdel-Rahman Al Qawasmi (the coordinator of UPC) explained the importance of updating student learning outcomes of the EE program. Also, Dr. Mohamed Ouda described SLO requirements of the ABET accreditations and emphases the importance of including all the relevant SLO in each course along with the assessment methods. Following the brief introduction, all the faculties worked in developing the SLO for the courses. Dr. Ouda and Dr. Al-Qawasmi answered all the faculties questions during the workshop.


Presentation "Development of EE curriculum: procedures and demo"

   The Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC) and with the cooperation with the Assessment and Evaluation Committee (AEC) in the electrical engineering department made a presentation about the development of EE curriculum. Dr Abdel-Rahman Al-Qawasmi  (the coordinator of UPC ) explained the importance od updating the EE courses based on several factors: course subjects, Learning outcomes, course learning outcomes, Unit learning outcomes and the weights. Also, he mentioned that all learning domains should be covered through the CLOs a written in correct way using the suitable verbs. Dr Mohammad Ouda (The coordinator of AEC) showed a demo about the implementation, of course, updating form in a particular course and explained the importance of linking the mentioned factors to the direct and indirect assessment. Also, Dr Ouda described the articulation matrix of the course, and it should contain all needed information (teaching strategies, assessment methods) to be followed by the instructor and to help them in writing their question. During the presentations, the head of the EE department - Dr Abdullah Almuhaisen- answered the questions of the attendees. He explained that this presentation only the first step in updating the EE courses and there would be several workshops to make sure that all courses in the EE are updating process and needed tools is understood and implemented by all faculty members in the department. 


Presentation on 2020 transformation of the kingdom

Under the suggestion of the EE HOD Dr. Abdullah Al Mouhasien  the research and community service committee has presented the electrical engineering department contribution to the 2020 transformation of the kingdom. The presentation was talking about creating an Applied Engineering Centre. The main duties of this center will focus on the first, the second, the third, the fifth and the sixth strategic tasks of the Ministry of Education according to the objectives of the 2030 vision. During the discussion the HOD has proposed another contribution with is the offering a training on microcontroller programming to college and university students.


Community service committee workshop

Under the direction of the HOD, the research and community service committee has discussed with the electrical engineering members the different ideas about what the departments can offer as a service to the community. he committee coordinator has first presented an example services already done by the college of since at Al Ghat in order in inspire ideas then he proposed some of them to be adopted by the EE department. After an open discussion, the EE department has decided to have a community service theme on: Awareness on energy saving and security.


Workshop “Quality deanship and internal reviewing reports”

The electrical engineering department held a workshop to discuss the report received from the quality skills development deanship and from the internal reviewing committee at college level. Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al-Qawasmi discussed the strong and weakness points and showed the main quality deanship criteria for the next years. Also, Dr. Abdullah  Almuhaisen (Head of EE department) explained the importance of the reports feedback in the improvement process and units and

committees in the EE department should analyze them and write recommendations and actions plans to improve in the future. 


Training session on documents preparation using LaTeX” by Dr. Abdullah Al-Ahmadi


The electrical engineering department at the college of engineering conducted a training session entitled “Documents preparation using LaTeX” by Dr. Abdullah Al-Ahmadi. The goal of the training session was to introduce the students to LaTeX environment and get them familiar with its advantages compared to traditional methods. In the session, the instructor explained in details the proper approaches of writing various types of reports starting from a simple homework to a senior design report.


LabView Training Course for EE students

Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) is a system-design platform and development environment for a visual programming language from National Instruments. This short training course was designed to give a starting point for Electrical engineering students to know the capabilities of LabVEIW and incorporate enough skills so that the students can build on the base presented in this course.  


Workshop on Interactive Learning Strategies- /25/10/2016

Under the supervision of the Vice- dean for Quality and Developments- the head of the EE department Dr. Abdullah Almuhaisen and the attendance of all EE faculty members, The Teaching Quality Assurance Committee coordinator Dr. Mohamed Ouda organize a workshop about Interactive Learning Strategies. The workshop is the first of a series of workshops and activities aiming at the development of the teaching and learning process in the department. Dr. Ouda presented the strategies and techniques of interactive learning and explained the techniques that are suitable for engineering education. Dr.  Almuhaisen further emphasized the importance of interactive education implementation and explain with an example the case method that was developed based on the Law education. All faculties then got involved in a productive discussion that further clarified the procedures of its adaptation in the department. 


Annual Report of Electrical Engineering Department

A meeting was held on Tuesday afternoon between the Vice-dean of Quality & Development, Dr. Abdullah Al-Mehesin and the faculty members of the College. The coordinators of the Units presented the completed tasks and achievements throughout the academic year 1436/1437 and talked about the obstacles they have faced in addition to the proposed solutions. Further, each Unit coordinator reviewed the plan designed for realizing the short as well as the long-term objectives in line with the University Strategic Plan aiming to develop the quality at the College in particular and University in General. Dr. Mehesin toured the laboratories of the Electrical Engineering Department with a number of faculty members, supervising the completion of equipment and maintenance of dysfunctional tools if any. Dr. Mehesin stressed the need for considering the issue of safety and occupational health and urged the faculty members and students to follow the safety rules and regulations on campus for their own safety and their peers