Rabi Al-Thani 1442
29 November 2020

Unit of Education Technology

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 * Design of education technology, develop it, use it, manage and evaluate it effectively and efficiently on all theoretical, applied, and moral levels.

 * Follow up the developments in the field of education technology, as well as the active participation in research activities and community service at the local and global levels.

 * Graduation of distinguished scientific and professional leaders; contribute to solving the problems of education and training with methodological methods.

 * Preparation of human resources and scientific leaders that are able to contribute to the development of education technology field, and the integration of information technology effectively in the learning environment.

 * Provide a rich learning environment through strategic planning for its academic programs and research activities and its services to the local community.

 * Revitalization of the scientific research in education in general, and education technology in particular through the participation of faculty members in scientific conferences and symposia, in courses, research, and supervision on Master and PhD dissertations in cooperation with Saudi universities.

 * Evaluation and development of courses offered by the department; to keep pace with the developments in the field of educational technology at the theoretical and practical side.

 * Support the integration of technology in education by designing and teaching courses in integrating technology into the curriculum.

 * Train students to employ and use education technology in the teaching and learning process.

 * Support the programs of training centers and community service through cooperation with the center in the preparation and presentation of different training programs and workshops.

 * Provide the scientific and research consultations to community institutions and exchange of experiences with them in the field of education technology and its educational applications, and other concepts associated with it.

 * Employ the materials and technical devices in the development of the educational process.

 * Highlight the positive role of the educational tool in the upgrading of education.

 * Development of creative skills in designing and producing the educational methods and software.

 * Development of competitive ability in designing the model lessons that are supportive with modern technology.