Rabi Al-Thani 1442
28 November 2020

Female Graduates' Characteristics

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Female Graduates' Characteristics:

By the end of this program the bachelor's degree graduates in Education, Biology specialty, have demonstrated the following:

• Knowledge in a comprehensive, coherent, and organized set of knowledge in biology, theories and principles related to it.

• The ability to search on complex problems and finding innovative solutions under a limited amount of guidance, using insights from the field of biology specialty and other related fields.

• The ability to identify and use the appropriate mathematical and statistical methods in analysis and find solutions for the complex issues, as well as the ability to choose and use the most suitable mechanisms for the delivery of results to the different recipients.

• The ability on leadership and willingness to fully cooperate with others in joint projects and initiatives.

• Familiarity with a broad range and integration of knowledge and required skills for effective practice in the field of teaching biology.

The graduates of biology program at the undergraduate level must:

• Take the initiative to identify problems and issues and find solutions to them in individual and collective attitudes, and exercise leadership to find practical and innovative solutions.

• Apply the theoretical perceptions and methods of the gained survey from biology specialty in addressing issues and problems within different contexts.

• Understand the nature of rapid change in information in the field of biology, and be able to take that into account when studying the academic or the professional issues and propose solutions to them.

• Participate in activities in order to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of biology and continue to enhance their knowledge and self-understanding.

• Always show a high level of ethics, discipline, and behavior and show the spirit of leadership in the academic, professional and social circles.

• Behave in ways that are compatible with Islamic values and beliefs, and reflect high levels of dedication, responsibility, and commitment to community service.